Coupler – 16 AMP

Our range of straight connector industrial couplers are used to connect electrical equipment in a variety of industrial applications, especially where electrical power supply needs to be connected and disconnected quickly and easily. Made from tough, durable plastic, they are built to withstand harsh conditions and environments.  They are easy to install, with clear terminal markings.  Their safe, reliable contacts minimise loss of power, leading to greater power and work efficiencies. They come with an IP44 rating and we offer 110 volt, 240 volt and 415 volt in both 16 amp and 32 amp. IP67 versions are available upon request and we can offer 63 amp and 125 amp versions as well as RCD sockets and appliance inlets. Please contact us for more details.

Full Range

Coupler - 16 AMP - C23300

Coupler – 16 Amp, 4 pin, 415v, IP44

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Coupler - 16 AMP - C23200

Coupler – 16 Amp, 3 pin, 240v, IP44

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Coupler - 16 AMP - C23100

Coupler – 16 Amp, 3 Pin, 100v, IP44

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Coupler - 16 AMP - C23301

Coupler – 16 Amp, 5 pin, 415v, IP45

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