Paxoline Sheets

  • SRBP (Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper) laminate sheet is widely used for its good mechanical and electrical insulation properties in low voltage applications.
  • SRBP is a strong, rigid  phenolic resin impregnated paper laminate material, offering solid support.  It is commonly used for terminal or printed circuit boards, as well as support for busbars and cables.
  • SRBP sheet is also known as paxolin sheet, pertinax sheet or bakelite sheet / plate.
  • Our SRBP sheets come in sizes 600 x 600mm and 1200 x 1200mm with a thickness of 6mm.
  • Other sizes are available upon request.  Please contact us for further assistance.
  • **Please note additional carriage charges apply to all paxoline orders, this is will be added onto your order after it has been processed**

Full Range

Paxoline Sheets - PAX600X600

Paxoline Sheets 600x600mm

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Paxoline Sheets - PAX1200X1200

Paxoline Sheets 1200x1200mm

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