Insulated Pins/Blades (0.5-1.5 RED)

  • Pre-insulated crimp terminals are used in a wide range of electrical applications, such as control panels and fuse boards. They are easy to install and can be crimped using a suitable crimping tool. For more information see our crimping tool range.
  • Pre-insulated terminals are UL approved and conform to BS4579 standards. They are made from electro-tin plated high conductivity copper, ensuring better conductivity and resistance to corrosion. The insulation is made from high-grade vinyl PVC.
  • Our range of pre- insulated terminals includes ring terminals, fork terminals, insulated butt splices and pins, blades, bullets, female and male push-on, piggy back and hook blades.
  • We stock a wide range of pre-insulated terminal designs, colours and sizes as standard, to cover a wide range of possible applications.

Full Range

Insulated Pins/Blades (0.5-1.5 RED) - RIP12


Red Pin 12mm (Pack 100)

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Insulated Pins/Blades (0.5-1.5 RED) - RIB10


Red Blade 10mm (Pack 100)

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Insulated Pins/Blades (0.5-1.5 RED) - RIB18


Red Blade 18mm (Pack 100)

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