BT Crimps

  • BT crimps, also known as telephone connectors, BT IDC Crimp connectors or jelly connectors, are a proven means of connecting technology and communication wiring. They are easy to use and fast to install.
  • Bt crimps contain a gel solution, which makes the completed assembly moisture resistant. This makes them ideal for external use, although they are commonly used for internal applications as they are easy and convenient to work with.
  • To install, simply push the wires fully into to crimp assembly, into the IDC grooves.  The wires do not need to be stripped. When the assembly is crimped, the IDC grooves cut into the wire to make the electrical connection. In addition, the gel surrounds the wire and IDC to make the water resistant seal.
  • We sell 2 way and 3 way gel filled BT IDC Crimp connectors.

Full Range

BT Crimps - UY2

BT Gel Filled Crimps 2 way

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BT Crimps - UY3

BT Gel Filled Crimps 3 Way

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