Handy Box Trade Counter Display

Handy Box Trade Counter Display

Includes the following kit boxes:

  • 3 x HB-BOOT (Insulted Bootlace Ferrule Kit 0.5-10mm)
  • 3 x HB-CRIMP (Selection of Pre-insulated Terminals 1.5 – 6mm, over 1000 Crimps)
  • 3 x HB-SHRINK (Heatshrink in all Phase Colours and G/Y, 6.4, 9.5 and 12.7 O/D)
  • 3 x HB-FUSE (Assorted Glass Fuses 20/30mm 14 Different Amps)
  • 3 x HB-PKC (Single and Twin Piano Key Connector Kit)

(15 in total)

Includes a free trade counter handy box display unit

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